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Crossing Paths 
 Sept, 2019

Two girls are born in the new country of Tanzania, but into very different circumstances.  Joy is a village girl, painfully aware of her limited education, a domestic worker often desperate for work to support her family. Neema comes from a powerful family, well-known for their work towards Independence. She becomes a doctor with an important position in the Ministry of Health.  But each must struggle for self-respect and as they do, their lives intersect in a twist of fate, which changes them forever. Crossing Paths encourages readers to consider integrity in an unfamiliar culture — and reminds us that, across cultures, we are still more alike than different.

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Distorted Vision 
September, 2021

Ana and her brother Jared’s short trip back to their childhood home in Tanzania should benefit everyone. He’ll volunteer as a surgeon at a remote hospital, and she’ll seek projects for her university’s global health program. When Jared disappears, Ana’s work and life fall to pieces. She’s forced to reevaluate her ideas about providing “help” to improve the lives of people in countries she knows and loves. Whether you imagine that Western aid is a panacea or the problem, this suspenseful story -- rooted in the author's decades of award-winning work in the field -- will challenge your views.

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