Crossing Paths 

 Sept 19, 2019


Two girls are born in the new country of Tanzania, but into very different circumstances.  Joy is a village girl, painfully aware of her limited education, a domestic worker often desperate for work to support her family. Neema comes from a powerful family, well-known for their work towards Independence. She becomes a doctor with an important position in the Ministry of Health.  But each must struggle for self-respect and as they do, their lives intersect, changing them both.  

This  book celebrates the people of Tanzania,  their joys and sorrows. The story weaves details of challenges faced by women today around the problems and the triumphs in a young nation. What are the consequences of greed among the elite? How do corruption and inefficiencies in the health system affect ordinary people? Crossing Paths will stimulate readers to consider integrity and the origins  of self respect  in an unfamiliar culture — and it will remind us all that, across cultures, we are still more alike than different. 

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A Faulty Vision 

(working title for a work in progress)

Ana Lotner and her brother Jared are Americans who grew up in eastern Africa. Now she's an academic,  developing a Global Health Initiative for her U.S. University.  Her brother is  a do-gooding ophthalmologist, running his own NGO and offering his surgical services to the underserved. He convinces Ana to accompany him to Tanzania so that she can investigate potential projects for her  new program while he does cataract surgery in rural Mtwara.  Then he disappears.  Ana's got  to find him. She also has some difficult   lessons to learn about  development projects.